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Here's the quick story behind this Photo

This Corporal was in charge of a four man patrol guarding the area of Copacabana Beach where my team was distributing our booklets. He walked across the street towards me and wanted to know what we were giving out. (So what would run through your mind when a guy with an automatic weapon on his chest, loaded and ready to go walked towards you, just Just curiosity...whew! Well we gave him a copy and he returned to his tea...m. A short while later, he came back over and asked for three more copies so he could share it with the rest of his team.

These booklets begin with sharing historical information about the Christ the Redeemer statue that stands above Rio de Janeiro and then blends into the Salvation message of Jesus Christ. I do not give out many of these challenge coins; only to people who do things that I believe warrant special recognition. This corporal's actions to get a booklet for himself and then his men showed me some special leadership.

BTW...he is the only person in the Brazilian military to possess this coin of which only 100 of this style exist. He was very excited when I told him that information. I was greatly honored to share this with this young man tasked with protecting the visitors to RIO for the Olympics.

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